Kia Kavair

aka Rvlakia

  • I live in UK
  • I was born on July 20
  • Kia Kavair


    It started in early 2013. My brother found Rage's channel and prompted me to watch, but it wasn't until Mapstrav started that I really got into the videos. From Rage I discovered the 'main four', if you will, and started watching those. For the most part I was a backseat viewer. I wasn't bothered about making friends, but I didn't mind helping to build something for mapstrav - the first ever Meth Race.

    (say whhaaaat)

    Incidentally, I was able to complete the race in less time than Rage and Hollow.

    Still, I wasn't really part of the Crewdom. No, that didn't happen until just before summer of 2013, when I introduced a friend to the channels - a friend who then, in the months I hadn't seen her much, had managed to become immensely famous in …

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