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  • Sixth Theatrical Challenger (Self-Aware!)
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Origin Edit

On the Universe Edition of Minecraft Quick Build Challenge, Rage had a board set up with signs listing 'Universes' that the challengers could pick from. The challengers were given prep time as an advantage over Rage and therefore already knew which topic they were going to pick. When Rage would say 'Reveal to me your chosen Universe' all they had to do was answer him and the show would begin but their was a certain kind of challenger who went the extra mile. Instead of simply typing out their topic, A few of the contestants would walk all the way over to the board and look at the list of topics for a while before revealing what universe they had chosen. Rage criticized this over dramatization saying things like "Why do they have to make such a big show out of revealing the topic?! They already know what they've chosen!" or "Who do they think they're fooling? I don't get their mentality". Rage dubbed this contestants 'Theatrical Challengers'. Some of them would even do it on purpose or to be ironic. This became a regular part of the intro for the Universe Edition, Rage wondering if the challenger would be a theatrical challenger or not. Hollow even walked up to the board unknowingly on an episode that he was on, and Rage also did it himself as a joke when he did his infamous 'Rage Vs Rage' Episode. Rage would sometimes joke that there needed to be a special wall in the arena with all of The Theatrical Challengers names on it.

List of Theatrical Challengers: Edit

Fandom Involvement Edit

On May 14th 2015, in an episode of Mapstravaganza, Rage and Hollow looked at a map that involved them guessing inside jokes and references about themselves. The map maker included a build of a player standing on a stage with the Quick Build Challenge Universe Edition board behind him but Rage and Hollow didn't get the reference. Even when they read the answer booklet they seemed puzzled by the idea of a 'Theatrical Challenger', Hollow out right stated that he didn't get it and moved on. Rage didn't explain it or seem to actually know either. Maybe Rage would remember it if the concept was re-explained to him but just by the name 'Theatrical Challenger' he didn't know.