Hollow and Leni's bunny
Some attributes
Moral Stance Cute and Cuddly
Colors Brown and White
Fans N/A
Other attributes

About Edit

Smudge is a rabbit that was Generation Hollow's birthday gift from his girlfriend, Leni. He enjoys carrots and naps.

Appearance Edit

Smudge's fur is light brown except for his paws, which seems like his paws have smudges of white on them(hence the name) with a small cotton tail.

Life so Far Edit

Smudge's life before Leni adopted him is unknown. Smudge was adopted by Leni for Hollow's birthday and a video was put on February 23, 2016. On the video, Hollow gives us 9 1/2 minutes of smudge. Another video was put up on March 6, 2016. This video was an update on Smudge as Leni and Hollow had to take the little fluff ball that is Smudge to the vet, where he was neutered. The video shows how the rabbit was doing in the aftermath. Smudge only appeared in streams for a while until a video was put up on Hollow's channel on May 13, 2016 showing us around the new house that he lives in with Leni, Rage, Danni, Fluke, and Halfpint.Around the same time, on May 14, 2016 Rage posted a house tour. Both videos show Smudge for a short time. In Rage's video, Smudge comes to investigate the camera.
  • Smudge's feet
  • Smudge and Hollow chilling out
  • Smudge eating
  • Smudge trying to eat a carrot
  • Smudge being a noodle according to Leni