Origin Edit

In an episode of Minecraft Quick build Challenge Extreme Edition, Rage told the audience about a new system he created for ranking skins in Minecraft. Rage already had the Name Tiers for ranking people's names but because of a few people asked him what tier their skin was, he decided to make a Skin Teir System as well. Rage sometimes uses this system to rank the skins of challengers on his various Minecraft shows.

Tier 1 - Complex Original Skin Edit

Any original skin completely invented by you that looks 'pretty damn badass' and complex. Example: A warrior skin based on your personality that no one else in Minecraft has.

Tier 2 - Plain Original Skin Edit

An original skin you have created but is still kinda plain, easy to make or simple looking. Example: Rage's Skin.

Tier 3 - Modified Recognizable Skin Edit

Taking an average or generic skin but modifying it to be cooler and more original. Example: Half Superman, Half dragon.

Tier 4 - Generic or taken Skin Edit

A commonly used skin that you probably got off a website and didn't noticeably modify.

Tier 5 - Known Character Edit

Any skin of a previously existent character, fictional or otherwise. Example: Superman skin.