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"You may as well just ram it into a wall" - GenerationHollow

Origin Edit

On July 22nd 2013, Rage and Hollow looked at a Sky City map on Mapstravaganza. On the map was a stable full of horses. Hollow picked out a Horse named 'ShadowFax' that Rage then punched off of the edge of the Sky City. Later as Rage and Hollow were flying around the build, Hollow pointed that there was a bunch horses swimming in the water to which Rage said 'Dude, ShadowFax got busy when he got down there'. Hollow said 'and also there's alot of testificates and an Iron Golem'. Rage asked 'Who do you think he got busy with?' to which Hollow replied 'The Iron Golem?'. Rage said 'Yes and they made testificates' to which Hollow said 'That's disgusting. That sounds really painfull. Can you imagine?' prompting Rage to say 'Can we not'. Then Hollow said one of the greatest lines ever spoken on Mapstravaganza. 'You may as well just Ram it into a wall. Its made of Iron. I mean it'd probably be less painful'.

This line became an extremely quoted line among the fandom and was used as a joke at Hollow's expense even though he was the one that said it. It is funny both with and without context. It sent Rage into a laughing fit as soon as he heard it and Rage even suggested that the quote be put on a t-shirt.