Origin Edit

In Rage's Quick Build Challenge show, he would often mock challengers who had terrible names when he introduced them. He eventually created a Tier system for ranking peoples screen names. Rage's own name 'RageGamingVideos' is actually Tier 3. Rage first invented the Naming Tiers in early episodes of QBC but also explained the meaning of it once in an episode of Pro Trials. This system caused many viewers to go to the comment section and ask 'What Tier is my name?' leading to several replies and debates among the community over what tier it actually is. Rage actually addressed this phenomenon in an episode of QBC. Rage later made a Skin Tier system so that he could start ranking skins too.

Tier 1 - Original Edit

A completely made up singular word that sounds pretty good. A formation of letters that you came up with that has no numbers, symbols or connecting words in it and starts with a capital letter as names should. The best possible name that you could go by online. Example: Curaxu and Dafaria.

Tier 2 - Existing Words Edit

Using an Existing word as your name or your own actual name. No numbers,symbols or no connecting words. Good but still not insanely creative.

Tier 3 - Connecting Words Edit

A name with things like 'The', spelled out numbers like 'One' or connecting words that aren't good in their own right. Has no numbers or symbols. Example: RageGamingVideos and GubiakGames.

Tier 4 - Numbers and Symbols Edit

Any name with numbers in it or symbols such as an underscore. Example: Peasy93and Evanz111