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About Season 5 Edit

On Jan 25, 2016, Rage uploaded the season 5 premiere of the Minecraft show he does with Hollow known as Mapstravaganza. Starting from this point the show would be a twice a month thing. Once on Rage's channel then again of Hollow channel every month. The creation and competitive section stayed the same but the last segment was changed from 'Clueless' to a new idea they call 'Contraptions'.

Contraptions Edit

Rage describes this new section as an 'Interactive Creation'.

Once A Month Videos / Hollow's Burn Out Edit

In an episode of Mapstrav on Hollow's channel, he expressed that he felt his previous editing efforts were left unnoticed. Saying that when he actually did cinematic, flashed back to things in the intro and so on, no one cared when it was taken away so he just stopped doing it. Then later in the last episode of Mapstrav Season 4, released on Rage's channel on December 14th 2015, they announced in the outro that they will only be doing one mapstrav a month each from then on. Rage put text on the screen explaining while they talked about it. The text read:

"Hollow is understandably burnt out on making Mapstrav and wants to stop the show, I still love it and want to continue so we've compromised on one episode a month each, this will also result in much high[er] map quality as you guys have more time to make them so that'll be good."

stated that the current Mapstrav videos felt like they were 'Mass-produced' and 'spam'. Hollow wanted Mapstrav to be something people could look forward to and not just something they just click on when it pops up twice a week. Hollow hopes that he will be able to put more effort into these newer once a month videos and that the maps will be better too. This is something that Hollow had apparently been thinking about for a while now, Rage had mentioned once that Hollow was starting to feel 'burnt out on Mapstrav' in a stream several months prior.

Mapstravaganza Season 5 Episodes: Edit

  1. Minecraft Mapstravaganza! Ascendance Assault, Space Trials and Party Planners! (Season 5 Premiere)

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