• SuperMarket based on the FanFic
  • Zombie attack based on the FanFic
  • Hollow receiving his copy of the book
  • Hollow with the book
  • Fluke crying while reading the book
  • *Fluke tears*
On July 5th 2013, a zombie themed fanfic was posted on by a fan by the name of The Mad Hatteress, more commonly known as Hatter. It holds a reputation for being sad as characters are killed with alarming frequency (true to the zombie theme) and is one of the most well-known fanfics despite only being 14 chapters long. The story was proofread by Kia, who also wrote chapter 12 and drew the cover when the story was published. The physical copies were sent to members of the Crew and can be seen in a vlog by Hollow and a music video by Fluke.

Physical copies are available online (print-on-demand) via and all profits are donated to the Crew.

Plot Edit

"Rage, Hollow, Fluke, and Evanz find themselves thrown into a world gone wrong. Zombies roam the streets. Will they learn from all their years of gaming? Or will things not go their way?"

The story has been rated as 'mature' by Hatter, but is actually safe for teens as it only contains mild swearing.

Map Edit

An episode of Mapstravaganza featured a creation map themed around the story. The map including a Minecraft build depicting a wooden house and super market filled with zombies.

Preview / Piece of Chapter 1 Edit

The man on the ground was dark-skinned, and handsome, and dead. Josh thought he was sleeping, since he looked fairly peaceful. Besides, his slightly intoxicated brain hadn't immediately jumped to the conclusion that the stranger was dead. That would be weird. He, Aaron, Will, and Evanz had decided to go out to the pub for the evening. Fish Spider Industries was already up and he'd felt they deserved the night off. The others had been more than happy to agree, so off the four went to the local boozer. Aaron was pretty much sober, as was Evanz, but Josh and Will were a little more on the drunken side. The inebriated YouTuber stumbled over the stranger's leg. "Sorry, mate," he said, waving an apologetic hand at the corpse. The corpse made no move, since it was, of course, dead. Aaron bent down next to the figure. "Hey, man, are you alright?" He gingerly shook his shoulder. And that was when the corpse sat up and groaned. Evanz pulled Aaron back. "Leave it, he's probably just drunk. Don't worry. We need to get these guys home." He gestured over his shoulder to the others. "They're a danger to themselves in this state." Will wobbled up behind him.