Hatter - once known as The Mad Hatteress - joined the fandom in 2013 and quickly rose to fame amongst fans.

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Moral Stance Unknown
Colors Purple
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Youtube AkiSutaHatter
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General Info Edit

Hatter lives in England and reads history at university. After joining the Crewdom at the behest of her friend Kia, Hatter soon became a well-known name dues to her sociable nature on Twitter and streams, where she became a moderator on all four of the main Crew members' channels. Hatter's name change from 'The Mad Hatteress' to 'AkiSutaHatter' led to newer fans calling her 'Aki' by mistake, much to her amusement. Due to her busy lifestyle Hatter can be notoriously difficult to contact.

Generated Content Edit

Hatter mainly focuses her creative skills on writing Crew-related fanfiction, but has been known to produce art and assist other people in their endeavours.

Fanfiction Edit

For the most part, Hatter's repertoire consists of one-shots and incomplete stories, and she updates longer stories with no regularity.

'How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse' (often shortened to HtSaZA) is only 14 chapters long but is infamous for its high rate of character death appropriate to the genre. It is this story that most people remember Hatter for, though her newer romance-themed fics are now gaining popularity too.

Parodies Edit

Conventions Edit

Hatter is one of the few people who has attended all three Eurogamer conventions. In the first year she followed the Crew into Pizza Express as they had lunch, too shy at the time to talk to them. She was recognised immediately by her namesake - her hat - which was the focus of much joking envy, as can be seen in Rage's Day 2 vlog. In 2015 Hatter recounts being incredibly tense after she realised that the group that had gathered to watch her playing games was in fact the Crew themselves, since she is not very good at games despite loving them. She also attended the EGX After Party, where she faced Disasterwound in a dance off; it is widely agreed that Hatter won.

Trivia Edit

  • Hatter has formal dance training and is part of the group 'Aki Suta', hence her username
  • When things go wrong, her friends will use #BlameHatter, no matter whose fault the situation is
  • Hatter takes pride in her outfits and occasionally posts videos to display them
  • She runs a blog entitled 'Hatter's Guide to Getting By'