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Origin Edit

On January 16th 2013, Hollow posted a Tea and Questions video claiming to have a secret to reveal about Evanz. Upon watching the video, however, the secret turned out just to be Hollow putting up a picture of a bike shop with a sign that read 'Evans Cycles'. Apparently Hollow had somehow come across this sign and used it to make a bait and switch joke at Evanz's expense. Evanz commented "I forgot how funny you were <3" causing Hollow to make fun of him again in the next episode, calling him 'a secret Bike Seller' or 'bike-man' and making fun of the heart at the end of his comment.

Fandom Involvement Edit

On April 22nd 2013, in an episode of Mapstravaganza, Rage and Hollow looked at the very first map created specifically for the show. On the map was a building labeled 'Evanz Bikes' in reference to Hollow's video and his joking insistence that it was the truth. Inside was a sheep meant to be Evanz, and pigs with saddles and carrots on sticks that were meant to represent as bikes.