• The Sleuthening
  • Golf Edition
  • Hollow vs MegaClone FunSuck
  • The Dinosaur Feelings
  • Returns to School
  • The Sweet Hander
  • The Rehab Journey
  • The Chicken Man
  • He Goes Hard
  • Alfred Befriendening
  • Hates The Mappening
  • The Final Instalment
  • We Lied

Origin of The Joke Edit

On an episode of their Minecraft Mapstravaganza show, Rage and Hollow were looking at a map submitted for the 'creation' segment. The map was of several Hollywood trailers with a build in each of them to depict a movie. The objective was for Rage and Hollow to guess which movie the builds were based on. While looking at the map, Rage realized he forgot to put on a texture pack sent with the map. He quickly jump-cut to having the texture pack on and said 'See! I had it on the entire time!' and began hyper-ventilating and rambling which Hollow ignored. Rage asked 'Why are you just ignoring me dying?' to which he replied 'We're all dying'. Rage laughed and said 'Wow man, You just got deep and dark.' and then started floating around him in-game whispering 'Hollow. Hollow. Hollow Deep and dark. Hollow. Deep and dark Hollow. Hollow, Deep Dark.'. Then Rage announced 'A new movie coming to cinema Hollow, The Deepening and The Darkening! The sequel already planned. The Deepest and The Darkest'. Rage continued to randomly name out these movie titles for this fictional series staring Hollow. This continued on through the entire episode extremely annoying Hollow and later started up again in other episodes of Mapstravaganza. Rage kept naming these movies mostly because it annoyed Hollow but also to amuse himself and the audience. It became a well known reference and running joke among the fandom.

List Of Deep Dark Hollow Movie Titles: Edit

As of now there are thirty eight titles for Deep Dark Hollow Movies but because of Rage skipping numbers and repeating multiple numbers the titles go up to two hundred and ninety four parts. If this movie series was real it would be one of the longest running movie series of all time. Many of the titles are random and involve non-words. This is the full list of known movie titles:

Plots To The Movies Edit

Only a choice few of the movies has Rage mentioned the plot to, in all others he would just simply states the name and allow us to infer the plot. These are the short and often vague things Rage has said certain movies to be about.

Deep Dark Hollow 28: Shameful Barry Edition: Edit

In a direct quote from Rage "Its about Hollow's Desperate fight against his arch nemesis.'

Deep Dark Hollow 36: The Revengening of The Hollow Vs MegaClone Funsuck: Edit

According to Rage the plot of this move is 'Hollow flying around fighting his clone who was having too much fun for his liking so he was his enemy. Hollow fought him into the ground and it was upsetting because the fun died.'

Deep Dark Hollow 40: Returns To School: Edit

The plot to the movie is Hollow sitting in lessons writing down things. There wasn't really any action in it other than extreme slow motion pen writing like the movie 300. Its literally him just doing work and that's it.

Deep Dark Hollow 41: Revengance: Edit

In this one Hollow meets solid snake from Metal Gear and becomes him.

Deep Dark Hollow 41: The Sweet Hander: Edit

Hollow goes to a crowded playground and hands out sweets.

Deep Dark Hollow 45: The Chicken Man: Edit

Hollow gets bitten by a mutated chicken and that causes him to lay eggs.

Fandom Involvement Edit

As an extremely popular running Joke among the community, two of the official Deep Dark Hollow movie titles were user generated. The first was 'Deep Dark Hollow 35: XP Madness' which was written on a sign on a map submitted to Mapstrav and read out by Hollow. The other one was 'Deep Dark Hollow 111: We Lied' which was originally a comment in the comment section to an episode of Mapstrav and then later read off to Hollow by Rage because he thought it was funny. A map was submitted to the show with a build for most of the titles and an artist by the name 'Nudgepoke' made movie posters for many Deep Dark Hollow titles. The Youtube user 'FinalPraetorStudios' made an animation called 'Deep Dark Hollow: The Falling' When Hollow did a play through of the game 'Dark Dunegons' on his channel, he named the last episode 'Darkest Dungeon With Hollow - Deep Dark Hollow (ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!)' because of the constant Deep Dark Hollow Jokes in the comment section. From Fan art to possibly fan fiction, The Crewdom has created a lot of content in reference to this joke and still to this day ask Rage or Hollow to make a real movie called 'Deep Dark Hollow' which may or may not ever happen.