Queen of The Ragicans
Some attributes
Moral Stance Lawful Good
Colors Teal and Purple
Fans Silly Boops
Other attributes

About Danni is Rage's Girlfriend. She is also referred to as Queen of the Ragicans, Ragette or The Hand. She has featured in Rage's videos and live streams.

The Hand Edit

The first appearance of Danni during a Hearthstone stream on twitch. Rage brought only her hand on screen to show the viewers he had a girlfriend. The chat freaked out and even after she fully appeared on camera; they continued to refer to her as 'The Hand' saying things like 'Bring back The Hand.' or 'Put The Hand on screen'.

Ranni Edit

In reference to the trend of 'Shipping' two people by putting there names together, Rage combined his and Danni's name into the word 'Ranni'. He has used this word in his stream and in the 'Hatoful Boyfriend' video in which he named the main character 'Ranni The Slut'.

Appearances on Rage's Channel Edit

Danni has only been featured in a few videos on Rage's channel. She was laughing behind the camera when Rage did his Ice bucket challenge then she did later her own. Her and Rage played 'Hatoful Boyfriend' together and she has also appeared many times on twitch streams but those get deleted automatically over time.

Her Own Channel Edit

On August 8th 2015 Rage posted a news video and announced Danni's channel to his audience of viewers. Danni's channel was created on April 19th 2011 but the first video titled 'Introductory Vlog' was posted on June 25th 2015 meaning that the channel was most likely inactive until that point. The channel consists of mostly videos about makeup, Q&A and Vlog type material. Rage makes appearances on her channel such as the 'A Day Through My Eyes' video and the 'Anniversary Special'. According to Rage, Danni does a lot of prep work for her videos and writes six pages of notes for short videos. She now has 3,311 Subscribers!

Adopting Alica and Nyx Edit

Danni and Rage adopted Alicia on April 20, 2015 after the loss of their previous pet, a gecko name Aylia. They then adopted Nyx on December 23, 2015. Danni loves them both very much and enjoys taking care of them. Most of her Vine's are of her lizards.

Trivia Edit

  • She has a vine account that is mostly made up of Alicia, Nyx , and bathbombs.
  • She was given zombie slippers that made it look like zombies were eating her feet, but she never uses them as they "freak her out" as said in one of her Askelotte videos.
  • Thanks to Rage's Oyatsu box series we now know Danni does not like powdered sweets.