• RelmCheatham

    Hello! (Intentions)

    February 3, 2019 by RelmCheatham

    Hello everyone, or whoever actually reads this.

    I am Relm, I watched the crew throughout my developing stages, and so I deeply care about the community around them. I saw this wiki was dead so I would like to try and add the info that got left out/forgotten/etc in a lot of the articles while expanding on the wonderful foundations already here!

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  • NavySonic


    May 26, 2016 by NavySonic
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  • Lord-Varian

    I've been around for a long time and people have been posting how they met the crew so, i though I'd share on how I met them. It all started on a boring day. I was into Minecraft videos alot then, so I would browse 'the youtubes' to find interesting content. In my recommendations was a show called 'Quick Build challenge', specfically the newest episode, which was the first ever episode released a day previous starring the Mage Tower. This immediately hooked me onto Rage's channel so I just begun binge watching all of his videos. As time went on, I begun to watch Hollow's content and flukes. I was just so absorbed in the humour that it kept me going with endless laughs and entertainment. Now, I've been a lurker for an extremely long time, a…

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  • MetroProductions

    As of February 2016, the owner Weezerkerm has become inactive and as the wiki community is gone, I have decided to try to adop the page so I can access more pages on the site and be able to accomidate peoples requests/complaints. 

    I have currently been fixing certain pages as well as adding others, There is a list below of what I have been working on.

    Hollow's Dark Souls 3 playthrough

    Halfpint's page

    EinWildesLeni's page

    Generation Hollow's page

    Renfields page

    Smudge's page

    If the adoption request is accepted, I plan on getting rid of some people in the "Extended Crew" category on the main page as there are people on there that should not be, as well as changing the name of the sire from RageGaming Wiki to The Crewdom Wiki as well as changing the …

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  • MetroProductions

    Hi my name is Metro, I first came into the crewdom when i was really depressed and on the verge of suicide, going to and from mental hospitals trying to find out what was wrong with me, it turned out I had TBD(traumatic brain damage) do to a few complications of my life, but while going through videos while trying to take my mind off of what I had just found out, I stumbled upon an episode of Quick Build Challenge that the topic was monuments, Rage and Fluke had built niagra falls, and their jokes had made me laugh so much that soon their personalities for the better, soon I wasn't thinking about suicide or how I knew I would never be normal and do certain things that I liked. so after maybe a year of watching the crew I decided to become …

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  • Weezerkerm2

    Wiki Growth

    November 25, 2015 by Weezerkerm2

    Since this Wiki started, there have been several milestones and achievements that added to its overall growth. This is a documentation of the steps taken or the events that occured to get exposure to the page so that it is seen by more people and added to by more contributors.

    I might come back and edit this blog as more things happen.

    The first way that was used to try and get the news out about the existence of the RageGamingVideos Wiki was to make a video entitled "RageGamingVideos Wiki Announcement" and post it on my YouTube channel on June 27th 2015. In the description of the video it linked to the main page of the Wiki. This was the first step to getting people to see the Wiki. Other ways people first found out about the Wiki was simpl…

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  • Kia Kavair


    It started in early 2013. My brother found Rage's channel and prompted me to watch, but it wasn't until Mapstrav started that I really got into the videos. From Rage I discovered the 'main four', if you will, and started watching those. For the most part I was a backseat viewer. I wasn't bothered about making friends, but I didn't mind helping to build something for mapstrav - the first ever Meth Race.

    (say whhaaaat)

    Incidentally, I was able to complete the race in less time than Rage and Hollow.

    Still, I wasn't really part of the Crewdom. No, that didn't happen until just before summer of 2013, when I introduced a friend to the channels - a friend who then, in the months I hadn't seen her much, had managed to become immensely famous in …

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  • MetroProductions

    I feel like this wiki can grow with some help. with may take a while but we can do it! I BELIVE!!

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  • Weezerkerm2

    Here is a Fan Fiction I made on May 7th 2015. You can make one too and post it as a Blog here on The Wiki!

    This is an artistic work of fiction made for the sole purpose of entertainment.

    A GenerationHollow Fan Fiction

    The pale malnourished child walked down the narrow cobblestone walkway of the village, his path shown by the dim light of the street lamps. His clothes were ragged and his dark brown hair was unkempt. He somberly walked into the alleyway between two old houses and began searching through a dumpster. Suddenly he heard footsteps coming towards him. He turned around and got into a battle stance only to see it was an elderly man who had entered the alleyway. "What are you doing out here, son?" asked the old man. He wore a thick dark…

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  • Weezerkerm2

    Everyone in the fandom has there own story of how they discovered Rage and their general expierences in the community, this is mine. Be sure to make your own blog post on this subject or just post in the comments about it because I'd love to hear from other people on how you found Rage's channel and fell into this community.

    For me, It all started with MachinmaRealm. My friend told me about it and descibed it as 'This giant company that owns pretty much everything gaming on YouTube'. Naturally, I checked it out and looked through their channels. The only content that peaked my intrest was this Minecraft building show 'Quick Build Challenge'. I'll never forget the first video of Rage I watched. It was on a video posted on September 5th 2012,…

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