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Aylia was Rage's and Danni's  pet leopard gecko lizard that had appeared in Rage's videos and streams.

Appearances Edit

Aylia's Eggs Edit

Aylia had to lay un-fertile eggs because of the species of lizard that she is. For some reason Rage decided to freeze the eggs by putting them in the freezer and then later got rid of them. Alot of people got genuinely mad at him for doing this and called him a 'monster' even thought the eggs were literally unable to hatch anyway. There was even a minecraft map with way too much dialogue featured on the challenged section of Mapstravaganza about this topic.

Gone but not forgotten Edit

On April 10th 2015, Rage posted on his twitter that Aylia had to be put down because of an illness that lizard geckos could not recover from. Since then he has got another lizard named Alicia on April 20, 2015 and later Nyx on December 23, 2015