Grumpy Baby
Some attributes
Moral Stance Grumpy
Colors Pale Green and Yellow
Fans N/A
Other attributes


Alicia is a bearded dragon that was adopted by Danni and Rage on April 20, 2015 after the loss of Alyia their previous pet gecko on April 10, 2015. She tends to have a resting grumpy face and gives a look of pure loathing to everyone. However, she really is a sweetheart and is Danni and Rages "Grumpy Baby."

Alicia's Relationship with Nyx Edit

Nyx is Alicia's "brother," where she lives next to Fluke's desk in her own vivarium on the second floor, while Alicia's vivarium is on the first floor next to Danni's desk. Nyx would sometimes try and say hi to his sister when Danni would take him out and take him to her desk. But sadly Alicia just looks at him in a grumpily way.
  • Alicia and her brother Nyx
  • Alicia trying to stretch
  • Alicia laying down on a rock
  • Alicia swimming in the bathtub


  • Danni tend's to call Alicia "my baby" or "my grump"
  • Danni's vine channel is mostly filled of vines of Alicia