• First Cage
  • Hollow Blocking Rage
  • Hollow Prepping
  • Build it up with iron bars! Iron bars!
  • 100 Years Dungeon!

Origin Edit

In an episode of Mapstravaganza, while looking at a map of a castle, Rage saw a random zombie and said that it must be the king because it was the only one there. Hollow swiftly took down the zombie and declared himself king. He then made began making royal announcements and sentenced Rage to 'ten years dungeon'. Throughout the episode Hollow continued to give him longer sentences for doing things like annoying him, trying to sit on the throne, taking too long to explain the outro or questioning him. He placed Iron bars around him, a boss battle for a map and the sky when fireworks went off. Later, In other episodes when he was mad with Rage or just generally wanted to mess with him he would wait for Rage to stand still and build iron bars around him or teleport him into them. List of those Videos:

Why 100? Edit

Although it may be true that several numbers have been used in this joke and that the number is meant to constantly rise and be added to, 100 years dungeon seems to be the one of the highest numbers Hollow has used and it seems to have caught on among fans and is referenced more than any other number.

Fan Involvement Edit

Many map makers have been references to this running joke by building dungeons in their maps. One builder made a dungeon for Rage and Hollow which Hollow instantly corrected by linking the two cells together and deleted the sign with his name on it making it only for Rage. Another map maker had a pressure plate that teleported Rage to an iron cage with the words '100 Years Dungeon' written on a sign.